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I work on cretaing automatic solutions which can hunt problems in my product & systems before the End User do
I love brainstorming and implementing my crazy ideas to figure out ways to improve the product quality. Having a blend of dev, qa & devops mindset, I strive to bridge the gaps between all the teams to attain the best results

The world of Open-Source, has got me good opportunities to Learn more, Share more to make the world more beautiful place, the ultimate goal of life.
All my talks, workshops and trainings are the steps to attain the same goal.

Besides coding and open-source, I love Yoga and Inspiring stuff.

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A bot for code monitoring and more...

Imagine an incidence from one of your Release Day right when you are about to release, a crucial feature starts breaking and it's going to take time to figure out whom to reach & people start passing the buck? Experienced such stormy sail on your release day?

And looking for a free automated solution which can help prevent last moment panic attacks and improve the collaboration of your team by performing the required code supervision tasks?



Release Status Analyzer (Jenkins xfpanel plugin Reloaded)

A one click solution for all the team members directly or indirectly involved in the product's success.
A comprehensive dashboard for feedback of all tests triggered for a build with lot more benefits.

Watch Live: AgileIndia, March 2017


My Repositories on GitHub

This section gives a sneak peak into my techincal hobby projects/research interests

Project Alice

A Code monitoring bot in Python

Project RSA

A dashboarding techique to aggregate numerous tests's results to help determine a release's status written in Java

Sample Automation Framework

A sample written in Java using Selenium & Appium. Used at SeConf, 2016 for a demo in the talk

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Does our interest match? Have some interesting projects?
Just want to talk to me regarding giving Talks, Workshops, Automation Consultation, training or any related queries? Please use the form below to reach me.

Note: Kindly please accept my humble apologies. I'm getting hundreds of requests from all of you for a personal meeting. And I sincerely appreciate your affection. However, meeting all of you in person will neither be possible nor solve any of your problems. Please, don't expect me to be your personal guide.
All the knowledge I share is because I believe that, I may need to go back to revise for myself ;) and at the same time, it can be useful to you as well. Win-Win! "I cannot solve your problems, only YOU can." Learn through the awesome content all over the internet. Follow people of your interest and you will get there, by yourself. Trust ~~me~~ YOURSELF!

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